1Tribe Farm Family

We have the honor and privilege of maintaining the sacred 342 acres of regenerative farmland. Our mission is to provide a retreat space where guests can renew their spirits and reconnect with nature through restful accommodations and nourishment, both physical and spiritual. 1Tribe Farm is proud to be a Certified Fields of Gold Member.


StacyRae Johnson and Christopher Stowers Co-founders

Chris and Stacy fell in love and joined forces in 2015. Together they aspire to provide a restful and restorative experience for their guests here on the farm.  Chris being a Fort Defiance native and growing up on a farm, takes on the role of land and animal management. As a Marine veteran, Chris found healing and a renewed version of himself on this land; he is determined to provide healing opportunities for others recovering from life’s challenges. He works double time to ensure we are healing the land and spoiling the animals all while providing fresh and clean beef and pork to our community.  StacyRae is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach with a background in Yin Yoga and Reiki. She takes on the role of vision and design while landscaping, tending to the guests and networking events.