Our pigs are keen tillers, digging up and aerating soils to get to roots, nuts, and grubs. So keen are they to till that we put them to use, letting pigs into our vegetable gardens to till before and after the growing season, giving them some tasty snacks and saving us some of the trouble. The majority of their time is spent finishing in forests and meadows packed with a variety of nut trees, including black walnuts alongside many varieties of acorn and hickory nuts. 

For a pig, this really is the life: they rotate through large forested pastures brimming with food and plenty to keep their inquisitive minds interested. Rather than laying around bored in confinement, our pigs get to live like pigs in a low-stress, clean, and enjoyable environment–spending their days actively exploring and socializing as they find the best roots and nuts. As a result, our pigs are healthier physically and emotionally than those you’ll find in conventional CAFO (Confined Animal Farming Operation) facilities.

While we do have a Tamworth x Gloucester Old Spot Boar (the unforgettably sweet Mr. Lincoln) and Gloucester Old Spot Sows (Momma P and Scrubs) that provide stock of incredibly high quality that is well suited for foraging in our forest pastures, their primary purpose is education at the farm. Part of our effort to truly know our food and share that experience, these pigs are part of our education and the education of our visitors and customers, who are welcome to meet these gentle giants and any piglets we have around (which we highly recommend!). Beyond those we breed, additional stock pigs come at weaning age from a few local, trusted sources of ethically bred, heritage breed pigs that live and finish well in our systems. 

All of our stock pigs receive no antibiotics, nothing unnecessary, and their forage is supplemented with Non-GMO Swine Feed, locally milled at Sunrise Farms. Their quality of life and nutrition makes the pork from our pigs some of the best around–it’s one of our most popular products at the farm, and there’s no questioning why when you try it yourself. You are, after all, what you eat–and the delicious fatty nuts, grubs, and other forage that our pigs feast on make for pork with delicious flavor, texture, and fat distribution. 


  • it’s 100% Forest-Finished

  • our pigs only eat locally-milled Non-GMO Feed in addition to forage–clean and diverse nutrition that goes into your food

  • our pigs get No Antibiotics or unnecessary treatments–only good nutrition, exercise, and sunshine go into the end product and onto your plate

  • it comes from happy, stress-free pigs that live stimulating lives in thriving forests, in strong connection with nature

  • is Transparently grown and sold 

Through hard work, trial and error, collaboration, and building relationships we hope to help grow the future of our community, and we welcome you to join us. Your involvement and support–whether visiting the farm, eating our food, or finding and engaging us online–are ingredients we won’t thrive without. 

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