1Tribe isn’t just a farm regenerating land–we’re also regenerating people by welcoming them to the farm for events, retreats, or just to stay! With a variety of accommodations nestled throughout our working regenerative farm, we’re sure to have an option to suit your needs: come to the farm to commune with nature, meet the animals, and take in a big fresh breath of Shenandoah Valley air. 

Read on to learn more about why you might want to be at the farm and which accommodations are right for you! Click on one of the images below to jump right to booking: 

Throughout the farm, you’ll witness the abundance of life that comes from farming the way we do: tall grasses and wildflowers swaying in the breeze, pollinators buzzing, birds singing. Herds of White Tail Deer can be seen grazing in pastures or winding through forests, and occasionally you’ll get a glimpse of a Red Fox, Wild Turkey, or the Bald Eagle pair that nests nearby. With wild forested areas to explore, access to the middle river, and wildlife throughout the pastures, you’re sure to find connection to the abundant nature on and about the farm. 

This is an operating farm with all the surprises and hard work that goes into any farm: on a daily basis all animals need to be fed, watered, accounted and cared for (twice). There’s often more than that in the everyday working of a farm, whether it’s setting up a system, keeping it running, or pulling it down in the off season–and there’s always something unexpected! The farm is ever evolving and growing, but throughout there is a thoughtfulness of practice that prioritizes the health of the land, animals, people, and community before all else. The methods used here don’t look like conventional farming: they’re smaller scale and attempt to collaborate with nature and animal rather than fight to dominate them. We believe this results in a better quality of life for our animals, helps rebuild nature and our connection with the land, and provides healthy food and environments for our communities. We welcome people to witness and take part in these activities as a unique way to truly know your food and see for yourself how agriculture can be part of a climate solution, rather than a climate villain. The result is something entirely unique, producing food while supporting nature as well as people, regenerating and rejuvenating. 

Know Your Food

At 1Tribe, we’re all about transparency in food: how it was produced and how it got to your plate. This is why we welcome any visitors to ask questions, schedule a farm tour, and get to see for themselves the difference our regenerative practices are making for the land, the animals, for us–and for our communities. We truly believe that farming practices like ours are part of future climate solutions & more resilient communities–and that coming to stay at the farm for a few days is one of the best ways to really understand what we mean for yourself. Whether a family looking to show the kids where food really comes from or a fellow farmer interested in exchanging ideas, one of the primary reasons to visit the farm is to truly get to know your food. 

There are many ways to get to know your food at the farm–whether you order your food ahead online or while you’re at the farm to cook yourself or book Private Chef Jordan Palmer of Twice Baked Provisions to cook your meals while you stay; contact with any questions or to book! 

Host or Attend Events and Retreats 

There are so many reasons to host your next event or retreat at the farm! 

  • different group accommodations to suit a variety of budgets and tastes
  • many options for socially distant gathering 
  • countless opportunities for bonding and team-building through on-farm and nearby activities 
  • a setting unlike any other, nestled amongst a working regenerative farm with sprawling views of the Shenandoah Valley

The farm is a memorable location for an event or retreat! We’re here to help you in any way we can to curate the best locations and add-ons to make your next event at the farm a resounding success. 

Teach or Attend a Workshop 

We are lucky to know and host some amazingly talented people at the farm! We also believe that part of regenerative farming is regenerating people and communities–which learning and experiencing are an integral part of. Boasting a variety of socially distant gathering spaces as well as options for catering and staying, we create and host a variety of workshops and experiences ranging from simple couple-hour affairs with few frills to multi-day seminars with included lodging, catering, and activities. We've created, hosted, and collaborated with folks to bring programming on a huge variety of topics both directly and indirectly related to regenerative farming, wellness, and living in harmony with the natural world–check our calendar to see what we have planned! 

Are you an educator or coordinator interested in hosting an event or workshop with publicly available tickets at the farm? Please contact to talk about whether your program would be a good fit!


The Summit

A short drive down the road from The Farmhouse and Primitive Cabins, up a long driveway that winds through pastures and woodland, you’ll find our luxe stay option–The Summit. More secluded than our other accommodations and less central to the hustle and bustle of the farm, The Summit is the perfect place to get away from it all.

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The Farmhouse

The original on the property, The Farmhouse is well over a century old with extant detailing to tell the story and modern updates to suit modern conveniences. There’s nothing quite like sitting on the front porch with a warm cuppa watching the sun rise, listening to the gentle munch-rip-tear-munch of cattle grazing in the front pasture.

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1Tribe Primitive Cabins

The ideal farmside glamping experience, our Primitive Cabins have just what you’ll need for a restful nights’ sleep, whether you’re visiting the farm or exploring the Valley!

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