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At 1Tribe Farm we believe in transparency, and that knowing your food–where it came from, how it was nourished, and how it gets to your plate–is healthy and normal. Our regenerative management systems result in diverse pasture and forest ecosystems that are beautiful to behold, with happy productive animals all in close relationship and collaboration with us, one another, and the land. We welcome anyone to visit the farm for a Farm Tour–to see the systems for themselves up close and personal, ask any questions they may have, and enjoy some time outdoors with the animals. 

These tours last about an hour (maybe a little longer, depending), and can be anytime during the work day (except lunch!). We do morning chores including feeds, eggmobile moves, and cattle moves around 8-10am, and afternoon chores around 3pm most days–but no day on a farm is completely predictable and there's always something happening!  

Some groups prefer to stay in the more accessible areas close to the farmhouse to look at the animals and see the systems, while others are interested in going out into the pasture to see the animals and systems a little closer up. Our off-road vehicle capacity is limited, so most field tours are on foot–please consider this if you want to visit the pastures on your tour. Please wear proper footwear–sneakers are ok, boots are best if you have them. No sandals, open-toed shoes, or high-heeled shoes of any kind in the pastures–trust us on this one! We'd also recommend a water bottle (you're welcome to fill at our well spigot), sunscreen, and sun protection. Please remember to wash hands before and after any contact with animals or their areas. Children are welcome on farm tours–babies and young toddlers should be held or in some kind of sling or carrier (strollers don't really work except right around the Farmhouse on the asphalt), and small children should be supervised by parents, especially near electric fencing or animals. Since every day and every situation on a farm is different, what will be available for you to see on a Farm Tour changes daily–and we hope you'll embrace the ever-changing nature of life here at the farm with us. 

We hope you'll join us at the farm soon!

Schedule A Farm Tour