Beef Bones


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Leftovers from the butchery process, our beef bones are a good example of “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure,”–roasting and boiling these bones alone or with vegetables and herbs will result in a nutritious, delicious, collagen-packed broth that can be enjoyed alone or as a liquid substitute in almost any savory dish. Our cattle are raised on some of the most diverse and nutritionally-dense pastures around and don’t get any unnecessary treatments or feed, and you can taste the difference in the flavor and smoothness of broth made from these bones.

Tip: Try bone broth as a nutritious drink in the morning to get you started, before workouts, or before going out into the field. Add to the nutrition and flavor of any recipe by substituting bone broth for water in rice or bean dishes, sauces–or your next meal!

Grass-Fed | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics