Beef Skirt Steak


Where does it come from? Short Plate Primal 

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The muscle making up the diaphragm of the cow, the skirt steak supports much of the abdominal cavity and gut. This is a unique cut in look, a long strip made up of long thin muscle fibers that usually comes rolled. This muscle gets a lot of work which means it’s full of flavor, but can be tough or dry if cooked improperly–don’t let that intimidate you. Best in a marinade with an acid base or brined in salt and then cooked hot and fast, Skirt Steak is perfect for stir-fry, fajitas, as a salad topper… this is a delicious and often overlooked cut of meat that might become one of your favorites.

Cooking Method: Stir-Fry, Pan Sear

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