Chuck Roast Bundle


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You’ll receive:

Beef Chuck Roast
4 individually packaged Beef Chuck Roasts that average about 3lbs each

All of our Beef is
Grass-Fed | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics

Our bundles are a great way to save money but the benefits go beyond that:

For you and your family, you will receive a stock of high quality meat that can used through the season, split up between households, or go towards a large meal. Unlike what you find in the grocery store, our animals are raised on the small scale with regenerative practices that provide them with a high quality of life and give back to the land, rather than taking. Your meat is single-origin and transparently grown (visit the farm anytime!), making it a healthier option that traveled fewer miles to get to your plate.

By purchasing our products in bulk, you are supporting our small farm in a real and tangible way. We are a small business with only a few people caring for our animals and selling our product to you, not a faceless stranger from far away. And with your support, it is our intention to continue and build upon regenerative practices that work in collaboration with and in support of our ecosystem. We hope to return support to our local community through building more stable local food supply chains, providing healthy nourishing food, welcoming our neighbors to experience and learn at the farm, and by investing in this land for generations to come. In purchasing any of our products or visiting the farm, you’re helping support our mission: thank you, and we hope you enjoy the products of our labor!

Tip: Want to buy a bundle but don’t need or have storage space for quite that much? Consider chipping in with family, neighbors, or friends as a buying club, another fantastic way to build and nourish community.