Ground Pork


Where does it come from? Throughout 

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Ground pork is the trimmings from chops, roasts, and other pork cuts ground up and mixed together. Our Ground Pork contains about 20-25% fat, emparting a delicious porky flavor. This is a great addition to many meals, whether substituted where you’d normally use Ground Beef or made into patties or logs to be enjoyed like a caseless sausage. Unlike what you’ll find in the grocery store, our Ground Pork isn’t made up of the trimmings from countless individual animals–we usually only send a handful to processing at a time. This results in a “single origin” ground made up of very few animals that came from the same place and were processed in quick succession; for the consumer, it means a fresher product that is healthier and less likely to contain harmful pathogens than what you’ll find in high-volume processed meats.

Forest and Pasture Finished | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics