Pastured Chicken Liver


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A rich source of iron, folate, and packed with nutrition, chicken livers are an oft-overlooked ingredient but one worth trying. Our chickens spend their time outdoors where they get sunshine and eat clean, nutritious, alive food–all of which contributes to the taste and nutrition of this liver. If you love liver, this is for you–if you’ve never tried it, maybe now is the time!

Once our chickens are out of the brooder they’re all-pasture, all the time–where they get sunlight, fresh air, and as much greenery and insect forage as they’d like. Their supplemental feed is a conventional feed of the highest quality, locally milled at Sunrise Farms with no GMOs, no added antibiotics, hormones, or other medications. These birds are moved to new pasture daily where they eat fresh nutritious food, breathe fresh air, and stay clean–the result is some of the best chicken you can find  (in our opinion–and we’ve heard similar from more than one customer!). You won’t find a chicken like this in the local grocery store chain, and we think the end product speaks for itself. 

Always pastured. Non-GMO. Antibiotic-Free. No Added Hormones.

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