Pork Blade Chops


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Pork chops are the pig equivalent of steak, hailing from the loin primal that spans from the shoulder to the hip in the back and includes a small strip of meat known as the tenderloin. Depending on where on the loin the chop comes from, the meat and preparation can be very different; the Blade Chop is from the top of the loin, near the shoulder blade. It includes part of the shoulder blade and is comprised primarily of dark meat, resulting in a delicious full flavor. This cut also has a fair amount of fat and gristle in comparison to other chop cuts, but if you treat it properly with tenderization or a slow braising, this is a delicious cut of meat.

Cooking Methods: Braise/Pot Roast, Grill, Pan Broil/Skillet

Choose Pork Center Cut Chops if you prefer a leaner cut with a mild flavor.

Choose Pork Sirloin Chops if you’re looking to save.

Forest and Pasture Finished | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics

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