Pork Ham, Fresh and Uncured


Where does it come from? Ham Primal

Coming either whole or in steak slices, our Ham is Fresh and Uncured. The flavor and texture are different from a cured ham, which some are more familiar with. The whole ham can be slow cooked to be sliced like a roast or pulled into succulent pulled pork, while the steaks, comprised of many different muscles and intramuscular tissues, are best brined and cooked fast, whether pan-seared or grilled. This ham has a fresh, porky flavor that we can’t recommend enough.

Cooking Methods: Braise/Pot Roast, Grill, Pan Sear, Broil

Forest and Pasture Finished | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics



1.55, 2.88, 3.65, 4.03