Sliced Pork Sidemeat


Where does it come from? Belly/Side Primal

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Also known as uncured bacon. This sliced sidemeat isn’t what you’d expect when you think “bacon”–it’s not salted or smoked, so the texture and flavor are different. That said, the meat is marbled with succulent fat and a delicious porky flavor that serves as a different and lower-sodium alternative to bacon.

Cooking Methods: Brine, Pan Sear, Stir-Fry

Tip: brine pork sidemeat overnight in water with salt, pepper, a sweetener like maple syrup or Honey, and your favorite spices–experiment for different flavors and outcomes! Drain, pat dry, and fry like bacon.

Forest and Pasture Finished | Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Antibiotics